Prom/School Dances

Besides our own wedding, proms will be the most remembered dance of our lives!

High Volume Entertainment will work with both the students and the faculty from the beginning planning stages to lighting design and set up to ensure you WILL have the most memorable dance ever.

Heres what we can offer

Amazing Audio: Why spend money on a DJ who doesn’t bring enough speakers to handle the dance? Under powered speakers that are turned up to accommodate the crowd will be very hard on your ears! We always meet at the location, with the students and staff to ensure we will have the right sound for your dance.

Night club/Concert Style Lighting: Proms are special for every student, lets give them a party that they will never forget by offering them a light show they can only see at clubs and concerts! We can provide trussing, wash lights, moving heads/scanners,black lights, lasers, up-lights and even video projection!

Photo Booths: We complete this beautiful event by offering them a red carpet experience with our photo booth. Our booths are not a home made,eyesore, they are quality booths that look great at any location. We have many options from custom screen layouts, green screen and custom backdrops to iPad kiosks so the students can upload their photo on Facebook or Twitter. Our booths accommodate up to 15 people at a time!


We have worked with schools all over Central and Northern Wisconsin and will happily travel to any school that wants a great dance!

Call us to set up an appointment today!